Written by Michael Patrick King

 Directed by Michael Patrick King

Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall,

Kristin Davis,






Sex and the City 2


It is often said that as women get older they get more interesting, often even more sexy.  That is true only of women who in their youth were in fact interesting. 


The four women of SATC-2 were never interesting, concentrating only on their looks and their gossip, and so why in the world would they have become interesting as they reach toward their fifties? 


This film starts with a gay wedding in Connecticut, with more gay jokes than you or I can remember, accompanied by that gay-hag Liza Minelli singing a wedding song.  Our four girls commiserate that their lives aren’t going anywhere.


With a world view as narrow as theirs, it’s amazing anyone would be interested in them.  Certainly not me.