Written by

Directed by Judd Apatow

 Jonah Hill, Russell Brand




Get Him to The Greek



This is summertime, and the livin’ is easy.  Don’t fuss your little head about any of those nasty intellectual films from Europe that make you think, just go with the flow, in this case with another in that long line of Judd Apatow comedies.  This year’s version is called “Get Him to the Greek” – you want to add “—On Time,” which in fact is the whole point of the film, as the Greek is a performance space in Los Angeles where a burnt-out British rocker named Aldous Snow will make a comeback concert.


Here the foil for Aldous is that Apatow regular Jonah Hill, playing Aaron Green, a fat man with a mouth that opens and shuts like an aquarium fish.  He’s paired in this case with a marvelous turn by the British actor Russell Brand, who plays the formerly great rocker Aldous Snow   think Rod Stewart, with great hips and a drinking and drugging problem that puts you and me totally in the shade.


Aaron, a Hollywood music and talent agency gofer, is directed by his boss – a wonderful Sean Combs – to go to London, bring Aldous first to the Today show in New York, then to the Greek in Los Angeles for a concert that will bring his nearly dead career back to life.  He’s got three days to do it.  Of course there are complications; Aaron’s girlfriend, a medical resident, wants to move from L.A. to Seattle.  Aldous’s girlfriend and mother of his child has a career that’s going up as fast as Aldous’s is going down.  Time is running out and poor Aaron is as frantic as can be. 


So each of the three days and nights are concerned with Aaron doing double takes and pratfalls as Aldous will not be moved faster than his drugs, liquor and women will let him.  Will they get to the Greek on time?  Will the concert be a great success?  Will Aaron learn a little about how to hide Aldous’s packet of heroin in a place on his body where airport security won’t find it?  Will we and Aaron learn a good lesson about all those things?  My lips are sealed.