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Breaking Upwards



An unusually interesting little film opened last weekend in New York; if you read the Sunday Times you saw the story about it.  It’s called “Breaking Upwards,” and it was apparently made for $15,000, which is about as cheap as you can get and still call it a movie.  Obviously if you don’t live in New York you won’t see it in the theatre, but if you have a cable system it’s now in the ‘on demand’ section and you  can see it for $6.99.


“Breaking Upwards,” which is a title not nearly as cute as it’s supposed to be, is the story of a couple in their mid-twenties who’ve been together four years, and everything is getting boring.  She’s an actress, he’s a would-be writer, but right now he’s taking care of a neighbor’s toddler and living at his parent’s apartment.  The couple, Zoe and Daryl, have come up with an idea.  They’ll each take three days a week – they finally agree on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and not see each other or even phone or text each other on those days.  Does this mean they give each other permission to see other people?  And maybe sleep with them?  Or break up, as in breaking up?


We watch as this little comedy/drama unfolds.  Zoe is attracted, well maybe not quite, to the guy she’s doing a play with, who at least seems a little more aggressive than Daryl.  Daryl also has chances, but life isn’t quite as easy for him.  Both Daryl and Zoe have amusingly written, difficult relationships with their parents.  Then Daryl invites Zoe to his family’s Seder, where things do come to a head


“Breaking Upwards” is charming, nicely acted by all, shot and edited like a much more expensive feature, and I think worth the $6.99 you’ll pay for it.  What more do you want from a movie?