Written and directed by Mark and Jay Duplass

Starring Ross Partridge, Elise Muller,Steve Zissis, Greta Gerwig



I've grown accustomed to seeing stupid films; it comes with the territory, and though I like to keep the ratio down to one per hundred I've never come anywhere near that close. "Baghead" is, yes, a stupid film, which means, I hope, that since I see about three hundred films a year I won't have to see one more for another four months. Hooray.

"Baghead" is about four unsuccessful young actors in Los Angeles who come to the screening of what appears to be a dreadful film called "They Came Naked," which the filmmaker tells them cost about $1,000 to make. Naturally, with that as their goal, they go to a cabin in the woods for a weekend to write and make a film that will get them some good parts. They are Matt (Ross Partridge), Chad (Steve Zissis), Catherine (Elise Muller) and Michelle (Greta Gerwig.) Chad, whose biography lists him as 33 years old, acts like a 15-year-old, mooning jealously about Matt stealing his date with Michelle. Michelle, meanwhile, seems to have narcolepsy, since all she wants to do is sleep. Matt and Catherine, who have been occasional lovers in the past, seem like the only two grownups in the group.

So I know you're asking where, who and what is the baghead. Well, it's what used to be called the MacGuffin, since he or she does in fact show up and scare everyone on screen, though not in the audience, and then is revealed - oh, I can't say it - no, it's too stupid - well, yes I can - it's - no, I won't do it. If you really want to know who Baghead is, you'll just have to see this film for yourself. I can't go on. Good luck.